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We Buy Junk Cars in Pompano Beach, FL

Cash Offers on Junk Cars 7 Days A Week - No Title Needed

Get the most for your unwanted vehicles today! We buy cars, trucks, SUVs, and Vans. Towing is on us always!


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We Buy Junk Cars in 24 Hours Or Less - Call Today!

Sell Your Junk Car in Pompano Beach in 3-Easy Steps

1. Tell Us About Your Junk Car

Fill out our contact form to get your cash offer or call us at (954) 256-2451

2. Arrange For Free Removal Of Your Car

We offer free junk car removal 7 days of the week!

3. Get Paid Cash On The Spot!

Sit back and get paid cash on the spot!

We Pay Cash For Junk Cars In Pompano Beach, FL

Get cash for your junk cars in Pompano Beach, FL today! We offer top-dollar rates and immediate payment by removing any unwanted vehicle that is sitting on your property.

Do you have an old car taking up space or a new one with no value? Sell it today to get instant money at the best price around. Call now so we can come to give you a quote today about how much they’re willing to pay for the junk cars in Pompano Beach, Florida.

We buy cars in all conditions, whether they are running or not. We have a network of companies who will purchase any make and model you want to sell us. You can give up on your old wreck that doesn’t run anymore but we offer the best prices for it if you still need some cash!

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We Buy Junk Cars in Pompano Beach

Get Paid Within 24 Hours!

Cash Offer Guarantee

We gaurentee a hassle-free cash offer for your vehicle.

Expert Guidance

With over 20 years in the business, we can guide you through the entire car selling process.

Eco Friendly

We aim to maintain a eco friendly system and work with recyclers in the area.

We Buy Junk Cars

We Buy Junk Trucks

We Buy Junk SUV's

We Buy Junk Vans

Getting Extra Cash For Junk Cars in Pompano Beach is Easy With Us

The most trusted junk vehicle buyers in Pompano Beach, FL specialize in purchasing all kinds of vehicles. If you are looking for the best rates and fastest service then we are here to help! We offer competitive prices on any car and will buy your clunker or wreck too – just bring it over now!

Our team is well-known throughout Broward County as being one of the leading junk car buying companies around. Customers can come into our facility with old beat-up wrecks that barely run and leave happy knowing that they got top dollar for them from us!

When it comes to used cars and trucks, we are prepared to pay just about any amount for vehicles in decent condition. However, the fair market value of course is always taken into consideration when determining how much you will receive from scrapping your vehicle.

Wrecks and junk cars typically earn their weight in scrap metal which can be a very attractive sum especially considering that the only other option is letting them sit on your property. With steel costs soaring now more than ever as well as metals like copper at an all-time high there has never been a better opportunity or incentive for people with old junkyards sitting around collecting dust; get rid of them!

Free Towing & Junk Car Removal Junkyard in Pompano Beach, FL

We’re more than just junk car buyers. When you hire us to buy your old, unwanted vehicle we will always offer free towing and car removal services 7 days a week! We’re proud as heck at how our team handles both buying used cars in Pompano Beach, FL plus removing them too! They’ll go out on their own if need be; they don’t mind taking care of all those pesky abandoned vehicles without complaint either because there is nothing better for these guys than getting paid well with no strings attached.

What Do I Need to Sell My Junk Car in Pompano Beach?

You can easily sell your junk car in Pompano Beach, FL even without a title. All you need is a valid driver’s license or registration to prove that it’s yours! If somehow you don’t have those two items, then we are still willing to buy if from you– but there may be some extra paperwork involved. Luckily our regulation team would love to help with any of that for free should the need arise so just give us a call today and find out more about how easy selling your old vehicle has become!

Things To Know About Our Cash For Junk Car Services

  • We will buy any type of car, truck, Suv, or van in any condition
  • You can get your vehicle removed off your property for free with our services
  • You can get paid in cash the very moment we show up to remove your car
  • You can call us to learn the latest scrap prices in Pompano Beach, FL
  • You can sell your junk car to us even if you don’t have the title on hand

Types of Junk Cars We Buy for Cash in Pompano Beach Florida

Junk Trucks

We all have that once trusty truck that our fathers drove, and we later took over driving in our teens. However, like everything trucks have a service life; after that, they become oversized lawn ornaments. There is no reason to hang on to it any longer in most cases because the longer it sits around, the worse it becomes. Also, it’s taking up space that can be put to better use. If you have a flatbed that isn’t as reliable as it once was, we know that letting go of it can be difficult, especially if it has served you for a long time. Even if the vehicle hasn’t been your sidekick for long, getting rid of a junk truck in Pompano Beach, Florida, can be a mega hassle. Fortunately, we will buy your truck regardless of how bad it has become. Also, we will pay cash for your clinker!

Junk Vans

Need to sell your junk van in Pompano Beach? Many people have a van that was once maybe used as a commercial or family vehicle collecting dust. Some vans may be several decades old and have probably not run for the past couple of years. If anything, instead of allowing these vehicles to take up space on your property, it makes sense to get cash for a junk van.

Junk SUV

SUVs can last several decades if they are well maintained. It isn’t uncommon to see, for instance, a Toyota Land Cruiser from the 80s and early 90s still on the roads. While SUVs like Range Rovers can certainly last, most of them don’t make it past their 20th-year mark. However, many owners have spent so much time and often money on the vehicle that the thought of getting rid of it can pain them. That said, getting rid of an SUV that is no longer in use or one that has numerous issues is better than having it take up space in your garage.

Get Your Cash Offer Now!

Fill out this form to get your cash offer or call us at (954) 256-2451

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