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Cash For Junk Vans in Fort Lauderdale Florida

We Buy Junk Vans in The Fort Lauderdale Area

We buy all types of junk and crashed vehicles!

Many people have a van that was once maybe used as a commercial or family vehicle collecting dust. Some vans may be several decades old and have probably not run for the past couple of years. If anything, instead of allowing these vehicles to take up space on your property, it makes sense to get cash for a junk van.

We are a Fort Lauderdale, based cash for junk car buyer that buys everything from junk vans to cars and trucks. If you have a vehicle, we will buy it from you. That said, the question you’re probably asking yourself is, will you get a fair cash price for the van? The short answer is yes; we make you the  best offer!

How To Sell A Junk Van Now?

Honestly, you have two options. You can either put an ad in the classifieds or try selling it to a car dealer. However, in both instances, the person you’re selling to expects the van to work. If the van hasn’t been run in years, and the engine has probably stopped working ages ago, you wont to be able to sell it to a used car company or a private buyer unless it is a collector’s item.

If your van is several years old with high mileage, rust and has never run, we will buy it from you. We offer cash for junk cars and vans. Our offers are generous, and you’re free to get offers from other buyers too. However, what sets us apart is that we will quickly remove the van from your property and put cash in your hands within a day.

What Do You Need To Sell Your Junk Van?

Well, for starters, you will need to have the title to the van. Even if the van is several decades old, having the title means that it will no longer be your responsibility once we buy it. No title, no problem we will still purchase with current owners’ registration.

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When you sell a van to us, we will tow the vehicle away for free, at no charge. We will not deduct towing charges from what we give you for the van. In fact, we are one of the few junk car removal businesses that do not have hidden costs or charges associated with our service.

Our only requirement is that you be available on the day and time we come to pick up your vehicle.

Get Paid Cash For Junk Vans

At Cash For Junk Car Fort Lauderdale, we pay cash on the spot. After confirming the title or registration, we will pay you instantly. There is no downtime associated with our service; sell and get paid!

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