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Get Cash For Junk SUVs Fort Lauderdale, Florida

We Buy Junk SUVs in Fort Lauderdale

We buy all types of junk and crashed vehicles!

SUVs can last several decades if they are well maintained. It isn’t uncommon to see, for instance, a Toyota Land Cruiser from the 80s and early 90s still on the roads. While SUVs like Range Rovers can certainly last, most of them don’t make it past their 20th-year mark. However, many owners have spent so much time and often money on the vehicle that the thought of getting rid of it can pain them. That said, getting rid of an SUV that is no longer in use or one that has numerous issues is better than having it take up space in your garage.

Fortunately, we will give you cash for a junk SUV. Regardless of its make and model, we will give you cash right away. However, the better its condition, the more we can pay you for it.

What Can You Get For A Junk SUV?

It is hard to tell you how much a junk SUV can fetch by just knowing the make and model. Much of what you are offered depends on its condition and how far a junk car company will need to go to collect the vehicle. While we operate throughout Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we also fetch junk cars from the city’s outskirts.

Once we know the condition of your vehicle, we will factor that into the current price of scrap metal to make you an offer. Generally, you can expect to get at least $500 for a junk SUV. The more rust the vehicle has, the less you can expect to get. If the SUV starts up and runs fine, and there is a bit of rust, you can expect to get more. That’s why we often ask that sellers send us clear pictures of the vehicle to get an estimate.

What Do We do With A Junk SUV?

After we give you cash for the junk SUV, the next step is to take it apart. The goal here is to remove all the scrap metals like aluminum, iron, steel etc. The metal is recycled after being melted down. We will also scrap the vehicle for parts like the engine, gearbox, suspension struts etc. Parts that work can be refurbished and sold. However, it is hard to come across any part in good condition when dealing with a scrap car.

Taking apart a junk SUV is tedious work, and it’s even more challenging when you need to separate individual parts. However, that’s how we make a profit from these vehicles on the market.

We Make Generous Offers

When you sell a junk SUV to us for cash, we’ll always make you an excellent offer. Our cash offer comes with no strings attached. In other words, there are no hidden costs or charges. We don’t charge you to tow the vehicle away from your driveway either. 

If you want cash for a junk SUV, do not hesitate to call our team in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, best place to sell damaged car, today to schedule a pickup.

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