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Some Interesting Facts About Junking a Car You Didn’t Know!

Cash For Junk Car Miami

Junk cars are everywhere; you must have seen them on the roadside negatively impacting the beauty of the road for many years. Some buyers get so attached to their cars that they would never want to sell them and, some sell them and earn a good amount of money. In Fort Lauderdale, FL, most folks can receive a handsome amount of cash for junk cars. There are interesting facts about selling a junk car. Below are some that you may find interesting:

In 1943, the USA recycled its first car

You are wrong if you believe that junk car recycling began a few years ago. In 1943, the first car was recycled in the USA. The industry has been around for many years, and continues to grow steadily.

16th largest industry 

Do you know that the auto recycling industry is the 16th largest industry in the world with a GDP of 25 billion annually.The number of employees in this industry in the US is over 140,000 and earns billions every year .

It is not possible to recycle every part of the vehicle 

You should know that the car recycling industry cannot reuse all the parts of the vehicle. Around 80-85% of parts are recycled, the rest, which makes up roughly 15-20% cannot because it contains glass, wood, ferrous and nonferrous metals.

90 million barrels of oil are saved every year 

The car recycling industry helps in saving a huge number of gallons of oil. Around 90 million barrels of oil is saved every year. Due to this, oil demand has decreased.

These are some of the interesting facts about car recycling companies. If you have a junk car, what are you waiting for? Sell it and earn cash. There is no need to spend an enormous amount on repairing your old car, it is junk now, sell it to a recycling company. Miami, FL has many companies that pay good cash for junk cars. But Cash for junk car Fort Lauderdale has a great reputation and pays the most.