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How To Sell My Junk Car For Cash To A Junkyard?

How to Sell My junk car for cash to a junkyard?

You may have a car that you need to sell, but don’t want the hassle. Selling your old junkyard is a great way of getting rid and still making some money from it!

Whether it’s been a long journey to the junkyard or if you are selling your car for its first time, buyers who aren’t properly informed can be very stressful.

Here’s a guide to help walk you through the process of how to sell your car to a junkyard:

Have A Copy Of The Title

If you’ve misplaced or lost your car’s title, the only way to get it replaced is by contacting a state DMV. You will likely need proof of identification and may pay an administrative fee in order for them process this request with yours – but don’t worry! It’ll be worth every penny when they mail out that replacement piece of documentation so all can continue on as before without interruption.

If your car carries a lien, it cannot be sold to anyone other than the state-licensed dealership. Chances are that if yours is not worth fixing or has been in an accident and won’t be fixed anytime soon then no one will want you for scrap either so this may become complicated! The bottom line: Don’t let someone take advantage of our situation–make sure they know what rights we still have before signing anything!!

If you’re a car owner, and your vehicle has been damaged in an accident with resulting damages to the point where it was determined as total loss on insurance or written off completely by law enforcement personnel – then rest assured that this is covered under most auto policies. In other circumstances however there may still be outstanding balances which would require personal Gap Insurance coverage from those individuals who have purchased additional protection against Total Losses beyond what’s offered through their standard Motor Vehicle Services package at no extra cost if they have paid for them upfront prior to damage occurring though out all accidents caused solely via fault without exception whatsoever because sometimes things happen unfortunately outside anyone’s control!

The good news is that a clean title will suffice to make the sale of your junkyard vehicle. As it no longer has any road use, you can bypass all required safety inspections and emissions tests for private buyers as well! With only one document verifying ownership in hand (the Department Of Motor Vehicles certification) then there should be nothing standing between yourself and an easy payday on this deal.

Call Different Junk Car Dealers

Consider looking for a junkyard in more than one location before deciding on just one or two. You can find them online, through local listings and if you’re searching on-line pay attention to reviews from consumers who have bought products from that business in the past; there might be some warning signs suggesting how they will treat your sale too! Make sure when contacting different yards that their customer service reputation matches up with what kind of place best suits YOU because no matter where an individual works – bad things happen sometimes (even at reputable joints). Junkyards will typically want to know the make, model, and year of your car and what type of damage it has incurred. Based on the answers to these questions, they will then make you an offer if they are interested.

Compare Your Offers

If you’re looking for a quick sale, then it’s best to wait until more than one offer has been made. Once the highest bidder is decided on and agreed upon by both parties (you & your chosen junkyard), pickup can take place at their convenience with no problem whatsoever!

Prepare The Car For Pickup

In preparation for pickup, make sure to remove any personal belongings from the car. This is not a typical situation where owners can just find and return anything they bring with them–anything left inside will be gone forever!

Complete The Sale

When you sell your car to Cash For Junk Car Fort Lauderdale, they will need to inspect it before making the tow. Usually, this process happens on site and is done by either an employee or their inspector; if there are no issues with inspection then cash exchanged hands between buyer (seller) & seller’s mechanic for title-handing purposes only after which time carrier typically takes over responsibility of retaining license plates–which keep belong solely TO YOU as prior owner! In most states, they can be re-registered to a new vehicle. If they’re not going to be re-registered, the plates will need to be returned to your state’s motor vehicle agency.

Follow Up With Your State DMV

You should report any sale of your vehicle to the state. You will need to research whether there is an specific deadline for reporting in accordance with their guidelines, but it’s important that you do so within one day or two because of liability issues that may arise otherwise; this protects both yourself and others involved if something happens after selling your car at salvage auction.


If you’re considering the idea of selling your car to a junkyard, take some time and explore all options first. Selling to this type should only be done as an absolute last resort for long-time owners who are ready (and willing)to move on from their vehicle; otherwise consider other methods like private sale or donation instead!

We buy junk cars for cash in a fast and easy way. If you live within the boundaries of Fort Lauderdale, FL, then give us a call at (954) 466 0664 or fill out our contact form to get an estimate on your vehicle today!