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How and Where Can I Sell My Junk SUV in Fort Lauderdale?

For many years and long miles, your car has served you well but now that it is damaged and can no longer be repaired, it’s time to say goodbye—but not without earning some money out of it. Many people who just want to get rid of their junk SUV in Fort Lauderdale think disposing the car in the landfill is the only solution but there are still plenty of ways you can get some of your money back from your old four-wheeled friend. 

Not convinced someone is still willing to pay for a junk SUV in Fort Lauderdale? Read on to find out where you can sell your old car and how to do it the right way. 

Who Buys a Junk SUV in Fort Lauderdale? 

You know what they say, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. And true enough, there are still many people out there who might want your junk car for certain reasons. Considering selling/giving your junk SUV to: 

1. Hobbyists and Car Enthusiasts 

If your car is a vintage model, there’s a good chance someone who collects old cars will take an interest in it. They might also want your car to scrap it for some rare car parts that are no longer being produced by the car company. Some might want to have your car repainted to make it look brand new while other enthusiasts may just keep it as is as proof of its old age. 

2. Donation Drives 

Donating your junk SUV doesn’t technically count as selling because you won’t receive money for it but it can still benefit you financially in another way. When you donate a car, you are not only supporting a good cause but you can also save money on your taxes as there may be a nice deduction on your tax return.  

3. Junk Car Buyers 

One of the fastest ways to make money from your junk SUV in Fort Lauderdale is to sell it to junkyards or junk car removal companies. They typically don’t require car titles and can pick up your car within just a few days or hours. Not only will you get paid with cash for your getting rid of your junk car, but you also won’t have to pay for transporting the car since these companies typically take care of towing it.

Steps in Selling a Junk SUV in Fort Lauderdale 

Ready to exchange your junk car for some cash? The steps below can help you get started on finding the right buyer for your car: 

1. Check the condition of your junk car. 

It may not seem like it but your junk car still has some value left. And this value depends greatly on the condition of your car such as the completeness of its parts or how good its exterior still looks. Do a quick check-up of your car by yourself or with the help of a mechanic so you can have a benchmark as to what is the ideal price you’ll get for your car. 

2. Find potential junk car buyers.  

Look up buyers of junk SUVs online or ask your friends who also own cars if they know anyone who might be interested. Don’t be in a rush so you don’t have to settle for a price you’re unhappy with. You can also post photos and details of your junk car on social media to find potential buyers faster. 

3. Compare the rates and offers of the buyers. 

If multiple people are interested in your junk car, do a quick comparison of the benefits offered to you so you can pick the best out of the options. Don’t just consider the price, also consider if the buyer is willing to pick up the car from your location, willing to transact without a title, and will responsibly dispose of the car. 

4.  Arrange for a pickup and get paid. 

Once you’re set on the buyer you want to make a deal with, set a schedule for when they may take a look at your junk car and take it away if they like it. Don’t forget to secure the payment from the buyer before handing over the car to them. It would be best if the buyer can pay you the full amount in cash so you don’t have to worry about anything anymore. 

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